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Latest News Update...

Sorry for the lack of updates... been a busy few weeks.

I seem to have spent as much time driving as I have taking photos in the last month, what with several location shoots in London, Swindon and even Aberdeen! Still nice a busy locally as well with projects coming up in the coming weeks as well.

I intend to check my insurance policy fineprint as well soon as have had some interesting jobs, fromup hi dangling from a tower crane 130' over Wembley streets in a cage, to in a blast container with grit firing all around me! Either clients are trying to tell me something or i'm just lucky??? I relish the challenges this job brings so not really an issue.

Penthouse panoramic view from 'hanging' cage 130' up over Wembley Streets...

Soon I will upload a few examples of the Blast images once client approval granted.

A busy run up to the end of the year is looking likely....